What Happened to Henri Matisse?




I cut your tongue in slices

in slices tastes like ham

Your finger nails are dirty

I tear them one by one


As I feel high, I cut you low

I want your heart before you go

You can always meet your soul

don`t you cry, say: ho, ho, ho


And now, you must be wondering

what happened to Henri Matisse


He lives in a house, down by the sea

His cupboards keep candies for you and for me

The pretty mermaids are combing his hair

 When you knock his door, nobody is there


Your eyes need wider orbits

I throw them to the sun

All your globules, red and white, felt too tight

and now see how they run


Blood red is my favourite colour





music: João Taborda and António Olaio, lyrics: António Olaio