If you hold a cabbage for more than a year

the cabbage will gain an animal life

If you hold a cabbage for more than three years

your hand will gain a vegetable life

If you hold my hand when you say farewell

we`ll be together for all of our lives

Telepathic agriculture

leaves are hair and grass is fur

telepathic agriculture

roots are veins and stones mon coeur

If I want cabbage, I plant onions

If I want onions, I plant potatoes

If I want potatoes, I plant tomatoes

If I want tomatoes, I plant garlic

If I want garlic, I plant daisies

If I want daisies, I plant cabbage

If you plant a cabbage in one of your ears

you soon will hear a magical sound

If you plant cabbages in both of your ears

your brain will melt and turn into ground

music: João Taborda and António Olaio, lyrics: António Olaio