John Wayne

[1990] Repórter Estrábico



Mad triangles

hit you on the front

Crazy squares

are too shy

to deny

what she told you

last night


Love affairs.

wishfull thoughts.

dreamwalkers just can't realize

housewives that try

so hard

to make ends meet


We were all a happy family

We lived in a farm in ole Tennessee

Ma sis' were real cute

Her name was "Toots"

One day I trade her for a pair 0' boots.

Ma brother chawed on everythang he could find,

he sure did

we used ta call him "Billy the Kid"

Now sometimes I slept in my maw's bed

Ma stepaw was jilous, it mad him mad

He musta gotten sick of all that 'jive

One night he shot me with his 45

You mean motherfucker!! I cried

I spewed out sum blud 'n' then I died






music: Repórter Estrábico, lyrics: António Olaio and Luciano Barbosa

"Repórter Estrábico":  José Ferrão, Anselmo Canha, Paulo Lopes, Paula Sousa, Luciano Barbosa e António Olaio